Saturday, May 10, 2014

Aim High Tri !!!

Before I start my report I am going to back up a bit. Last summer I had decided I may be done with tri. I was unmotivated and having no fun. Sick of always feeling like I had to train and what if I missed a work out??? I even had signed up for a half ironman which I changed my mind about and ended my season early. I found out later that if you are unhappy in a major area of your life, it is hard to be happy in the minor areas. As this season approached, I wasn't sure if I even wanted to race I was insanely busy. I mean insanely with work and kids and moving and trying to figure out this married life thing. I would train here and there and all of it seemed fun. Stewart and I began to discuss doing a tri together. First as a relay and then him doing his own. I always suggest a pool swim as your first. No matter how much time you spend growing up in the lake, it is just not the same as racing in one. Last year, I did this race because it is a great season opener and I was sick of freezing at Rebelman. The joke was on me when I came over here to 37 degrees in May. I figured lightening could not strike twice so we signed up and began to train some when life would allow.

As race week approached, I didn't even think of the race. Nothing hurt,my throat felt fine ( a sure sign I was racing ) and on Thursday night I thought " do I even want to race?" " you aren't even stressed or thinking of it?"  I guess when u don't stress over training, you don't stress over racing

I really wanted to go in with a relaxed attitude. It was a little hard because I was overall female winner last year and I didn't want that hanging over my head. I had no idea where my fitness was as I was still lucky to get In 2 swims and 3 runs in in a week. I had been outside on my bike 4 or 5 times but I did know by keeping strength as part of my training, I was seeing nice things and chasing Stewart "mr natural" on the bike was keeping me only toes.

I got to the race and was happy to see Joy and Damie. There, the thought of overall winner was no longer even looming so I didn't have to worry about that. I actually felt releived and knew then I could just race for myself

The swim was awful and by the grace of God, I managed to only swim12 seconds slower than last year. Stewart and I talked about how to enter the water. He started about 50 people behind me so was able to watch my swim. I jumped in and got copious amounts of water up my nose. I wanted to pop my head up and say Do Not Enter like that. Right away my breathing was off and my anxiety was high. The first 200 yards I was thankful I was not in a lake because I maybe would have drowned. I should have stopped, cleared my nose, breathed again but it only took 300 yds to get it right. The last 100 were relaxed and fine

The bike was hilly but no wind!  Loved loved every minute of it. Was much faster this year. Almost by a minute per mile.  Had a great time and my only mishap was a couple of traffic incidents I had to stop for and dismounting WAY before the dismount line and looking like an idiot as I ran by the crowd. I just yelled I was overzealous

The run is hilly but after tripping on some rocks coming out of transition, I felt Great!  I knew I was running well and working but not suffering so maybe I should have ran a little faster but regardless I received my faster run split in triathlon in a long time. It helped as the only guy that passed me on the bike said " I knew u would be a strong runner"as I passed him up a hill. It just made me pass with my authority and think sorry u can't handle the suit

Finished in time to get the camera and catch Stewart. He really wanted to beat me and as he rounded the corner where I was standing he asked "what is your time?"  I was kind of scared to tell him as if we were close, he did have some time to get me. I ended up beating him by 50 seconds. I got him in the run and swim- he got me on the bike

To top it off, I finished 5th female, 16th overall, 1st master with 4 minutes faster than last year! That I will take and I had NO should have/could have!! Loving this new low key racing! Happy!!!

We both had a great race and spent the day eating, sleeping, and shopping. Tonight we head to downtown Little Rock for some dancing. A successful day all around!!!!

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  1. It was great to see you too- you did wonderful and looked wonderful!!