Friday, January 2, 2015

ready for 2015!!

2014 was a great year!!  I gained a fantastic husband and two great step children.  Watching my children thrive in the new environment was great and watching Stewart be such a great step father to them was even more awesome.  In the husband and father department he is top notch and so giving - I sometimes just can not really believe it.  He also has really learned to push right back at me when I push at him which is great!  I love it and he has learned I love a good disagreement!  We had very few of those this year and spent most of the time just having a great time  from lots of traveling to laying in bed playing cards or yatzee. 

What we did not do a lot of was train.  I felt like I did the bare minimum to have a decent half marathon and not to just gain a ton of weight because one thing I know if I did not want to change my eating habits.  Luckily for me - I can get into somewhat decent shape on the bare minimum and feel like I am starting 2015 with a decent run base.  Swim and bike not so much.  I did a little of these but mostly just for play and to spend time with Stewart who was recovering from an injury and could not run.  My bike test the other day was evident of my total lack of bike fitness.   I also took up 9 rounds which is a boxing type interval gym and I totally love!!  I am going to be sad when my tri season really begins to build and I have to put it by the wayside.  The workouts are fun - quick - always changing and the people in there are great!
2015 brought back Liz as my coach and with her - I realize how little I really was doing on the training front.  I look at the schedule she has sent me for the past 3 weeks and am thinking seriously??  Most days have 2 work outs a day.  It has been a long time since I have done two a days. BUT I am also really rested and ready for the structure and work toward a goal.  Stewart has hired her as well and he is loving it just a few days in.  I knew he would because one thing my husband is is super organized and loves structure.  He is totally fired up by looking at the schedule, doing what it says, and logging in his comments.

As for new year resolutions  - I really have none but to continue to strive to be healthy, be active, a great mom and role model and to be a good role model for the kids at work.  I did begin to give up diet coke about a month ago and think this is one goal that I will keep for the 2015 year.  I have done so well and can go days without drinking one or just having a half of one on most days.  I realized how much of a habit it had become and I was drinking them just because I always had one at 3:00 or always had one when I got home at night.  I know how bad it is for you and I feel like that I spend most of my time trying to live a healthy lifestyle and this just does not fit.  Wine may not fit either but that is staying around.

Here's to a great 2015 and may everyone reach their goals!!

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