Monday, September 7, 2015

Trust your training - trust your coach- trust yourself

Trust your training- trust your coach- trust yourself. This will be my mantra for the next 20 days. Now is the time when I began to become afraid and question everything. Did you do enough? Did you do enough quality? Everyone seems to be doing more or less than you and possibly doing smarter and more quality work outs. This weekend especially as Stewart had a longer bike than me and all the doubts began to creep in... I should be doing more, maybe I will abandon my plan and jump on his but then I have to remember I pay and hired Liz cuz she is a smart lady. She knows what she is doing and she knows me.   She just sent me an article about racing and fear and it had such great points.

Fear makes you realize that something is worth it. What fun would it be to do everything perfectly and know no one could beat you. The fear and the challenge is what makes it worth it and what makes the win meaningful. I  definitely not going for a win at ironman but I would like a well executed day with a PR at the end. Fear has set in. I biked the course and it seemed harder than I remembered. The wind seemed extra fierce and all the doubts begin to creep in. I need to remember what I tell my cc kids everyday. The mind controls the body. I constantly make them tell I am a beast while doing hard work outs. I want them to think that instead of thinking I  dying.  Today I will start thinking I am a beast and will continue until I hear Mike Riely yell you are an ironman!! Just the thought of those words can bring me to tears and still give me chills. They have been repeated in my head during many of long training days. Taper is here but not really, I still have a pretty hard week but that just gives me more time to trust in myself

This weekend I raced a sprint and there is nothing like a sprint to remind me why I live triathlon. The great thing about IM training is it relaxes me. I am too busy and too tired to stress about a race. Race morning my race wheel had a piece of glass in it. After two attempts of changing the tire, we just stuck my training wheel back on. Did I hate it? Yes, stress about it ? No. Due to all my early wake up calls, I had no trouble getting to the race early which gave me extra time to talk and meet many of those around me. Much to Stewart just shaking his head. I did do a very short warm up and felt great in the water

Started the race with the female winner behind me and she was from Germantown.  Funny to come out of town to meet a hometown triathlete. Based on her swim time, I knew she was faster. My plan was to hold her off as long as I could. She did catch me and I was kind of relieved because know I could draft. Unfortunately we only had 25 yds left. I did not pass anyone else but she was the only one to pass me. Although my swim was still slow as crap, it was faster for me!

We came out of water together and I made what I think the first mistake that could have cost me the win. We had a long run back to transition and for some reason, I became confused and ran under the taped area we were suppose to run in and entered transition from the wrong side. I knew I screwed up and looked around, saw what I was suppose to do, ran back out and corrected it. Although this cost me some time, what it did cost me was leaving transition with the first place girl. She only outbiked me by about 40 seconds and it makes me wonder what I could have done if we left head to head. I pushed hard on the bike abs repeated catch that group over and over in my head as I saw those in front of me. It was s hilly ride and I was pleased with my average. I have also gone from an all water drinker to a lover of scratch ( just a side note). I caught the then 2nd place girl with about a mile left and she did catch back up to enter T2 together. I know this is not always right but based on the fact that she outweighed me, I was planning on being the faster runner. T2 is my specialty- I was in and out and searching for the 1st place girl. The course was winding and hilly and you couldn't see who was in front of you. It was also hilly as hell. I knew the run would be my struggle. I need speed work and fast foot turn over to even attempt to be fast. I have had neither in IM training. 7:40's are fast for me these days. Not surprisingly my run pace was 7:30 ish. My second mistake was not taking a guy when I left T2.  I felt so bonky but had no water until turn around to take mine and what a difference it made. So I am still looking and chasing and we did a little loop behind the school so I missed first place girl. And I begin to give up in my head. I settled for 2nd place. I knew 3rd was not close. I ended up beating her by 6 minutes!  1st outran me by 20 seconds!!! I did what I always tell my cc kids never to do!  Don't give up and don't settle!!  Stewart said later he heard them yell - here comes 1st girl and was sad it was not me. The great thing is I would have loved to win- who wouldn't but the days are beating myself up are over. I did what I could and I had a great time doing it!

Stewart has just turned into a beast. He was 5th or 6th overall and after good swim for him, a killer bike, he managed to run that hilly course with a 6:30 pace on legs that were trashed from ironman. It is amazing to see his improvement. He has already signed up for NOLA half and has his eye on another IM for next year - not me!  I plan to be Sherpa extraordinaire and sprint race master. I also have requested that Stew take private swim lessons. He gets that swim fixed, he is going to be a beast

As we are 20 days out from Ironman and Stew begins his packing list. I  am stressing over my underwear for the underwear run. They need to be perfect as well as the shirts that our awesome friend Liz is designing for our spectators

I have also started my post ironman list...

sleep in and lay around drinking coffee
Go to boot camp!
Go to yoga!
Girls weekend
Trip to Vegas with big daddy
The possibilities are endless!!

The big dance is almost here ....

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  1. excited for you! ironman is so much fun! YEA!!!!! it will be wonderful! (and everyone is always doing "more" than you, until you pass them on the run as they blow up. :) go get 'em!