Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Off Season...

Off Season - oh how I love you!

You started out a little precarious.  I was depressed, sad, and lost without my ironman training. Race day was so great ( best ever) that I was just on a huge high let down.  I was stressed and thinking what can I do next?  I also felt nervous because Stewart has already registered for NOLA half ironman and Wisconsion full ironman.  I knew better to sign up for anything at this time because I had so many emotions but it was hard not to.  I even toyed with signing up for Louisville.

The first week was bad, I was grouchy and cranky.  I was not sleeping through the night.  I may have yelled at everyone unnecessarily if you could believe that.  I was shocked.  Why was I missing training so much?  There were times when I was sure I hated it and never wanted to see my swim bag or bike again.  Second week got better, still a little lost, still not sleeping through the night.  Third week... you are awesome.  I love the off season!

I had a great girls weekend and never did I have to worry about what training I was missing or what fitness I may be losing.  I did do one run just because it was a glorious beautiful day.  I was going to run 30 minutes and then decided to extend.  It was great.  No plan.  Just run what you want.  I am still having some foot issues but was super happy to see this run went well.

I have joined back up with 9 rounds and going to doing xtreme fitness bootcamp.  I am going to try to attend one or the other 5 days a week ( if I feel like it) to build some strength.  Running and biking when I want.  It is amazing how your body can be so fit one way but so weak in others.  I went to xtreme fitness for the first time and was so sore for two days.  A couple of times during the hour work out I was wishing I was back on the ironman course.  It had to be easier.  Yesterday I attended 9 rounds and my booty is sore like no other.  Last year - Riley did tell me 9 rounds was giving me a J-Lo booty so I guess  I am on my way.

Hoping the foot will hold out so I can do Wade's big adventure as it is my all time favorite race!  It may be my slowest time ever but those days when I race when I am fit and ready are over.  It is all about the fun for me.

I am leaving for Vegas tomorrow so I doubt much of anything will get done.  I may hit the gym a few times to sweat out some alcohol but so looking forward to doing nothing.

I would love to get to Yoga but can't find classes to fit my schedule.  I may need to get my dvd's out and return to my yoga at home.  I do love some Bob Harper.

I still love racing and not ready to retire yet.  Even though many days this summer I thought I would do just that.  Noah and I have talked about doing a mom and pop half ironman together this year.  He has joined the swim team to start his prep.  He did not get his swim gene from me.  He has not swam since his 6th grad year and came home and told me he did his 25's in 14 seconds and his 50's in 38.  Oh to be young again and just hop in the pool and do that.  I have never seen those times and more than likely never will.    I love that he is returning to the pool.

See you on the flip side.....

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