Saturday, May 21, 2016

Memphis in May thoughts...

It has been two seasons since I have raced in Memphis. Loved seeing all my tri friends!

I was having so much fun talking,  I forgot to even start my watch

For two races in a row and after 10 years of swimming, I can now swim a straight line in a lake

I really love swimming and think i am finally going to take a few lessons and work on technique

Thanks to the girl who ran from the other side of transition and pulled my wet suit off my leg, it was stuck on my timing chip. I think I may have had a dnf right there. Maybe being dramatic but it sure felt like it

I ran the whole run, rumor may have it that I walked at times In the race two weeks ago

To get faster on the run, I really need to add speed work and bricks. Just not sure if I want to

Now is the time to pick up training if I want to do Olympic distance with Stew in Chatt the end of June, not sure if I want to... Let's see what happens naturally

CAN NOT WAIT to start boot camp on June 1- random

Had so much fun pushing myself today, trying to remain focused and motivated when the legs were so so tired

Thankful to be able to have a hobby that I love, that I am healthy and able to do and share with so many

That is it.. Race 200 plus in the books 😊

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