Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Random Thoughts....

Life is rolling along fast... I can not believe Christmas is almost here and neither can my tree as it stands in the corner of my living room, not in a stand and undecorated.  In fact, I am praying that Magoo and Daisy have not eaten it by the time I get home.  I really tried to not do a tree this year but Morgan was not having it.  I really have no presents to go under it.  As usual, Riley has already bought and used all of her's , Noah wants nothing, and Morgan wants everything but dad keeps buying it and beating me to the punch.. not a bad plan ...

On the training front... it is going well.  I am planning on doing the Louisana marathon in hopes of a BQ.  I am not even sure if I want to go to Boston but I want the option.  Some days I feel like it is in the bag when I can finish a 20 mile run with a 7:40 mile and other days I feel like it is no way it is going to happen.  Either way, I have really enjoyed the training and that is all that matters. I loved getting some great runs in with Noah before he moved onto basketball season.  I see tri season looming in the future and still unsure if I want to go there.  My thoughts are I will start the training and if I love it, Onward I will go.  If I don't really like it, I am done.  I am through trying to force myself to enjoy something or push myself to do something I don't want.

On the relationship front, things are fantastic.  Everyday I am in a little awe that I am where I am and not sure how I got there but I am loving it.  It is a great place and one I feel extremely lucky to be in.  I have been a little sad by the lack of support from what I thought were friends.  Lots of so called friends, I haven't spoken to in months but I guess that speaks volumes right there.  I also have a few that just don't seem to offer any type of support in my new life changes which I think is sad because I feel like I am the type of person that would encourage others to do what makes them happy.  BUT then I do have those that are sharing in this happiness with me and it is awesome.  The good thing about being an adult is you have learned that you do not need approval from anyone else.

On my family front,  I love my kids beyond imagine and love this time that I have been able to spend with them stress free.  I love that Riley and I have had so many great experiences these past few months as she becomes the wonderful adult that she is

And work is great... insanely busy as always but not sure I would have it any other way.

As 2013 winds down, I am happy and hopeful for a fantastic 2014 and I can already tell you it is going to be full of a few surprises... well at least for you anyway...

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  1. Ahhh!!! I hope I am not double commenting. I tried to leave one and I don't think it posted. I was saying that I am happy for you- and glad you are thriving with life's changes. Happy holidays to you and the kids! Hope to run with you guys soon. xoxoxoxo