Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New life hapenings...

Well in case you missed it on Facebook :) - I am engaged!!  Yes it seems like quite a surprise to most of you but over here in Leslie land, it was not a surprise.  Many of you are saying " Who is this guy?"  Well... he has actually been one of my very closest friends for about 4 years now.  We have spent a lot of time together being friends, talking to each other through problems, hanging out with the kids, and just having a good time.  He was that guy that I could always talk to and feel 100% comfortable.  And on a little side note, about 3 years ago - we did date for a very, very brief time and things just did not click.  This time after some casual dating and lots of talk of moving slow ( which we obviously we did not heed) - things clicked and things clicked big time!  I guess when something is right it is just right!  I also know plenty of you think maybe this is all too fast but as an adult, things to me are much different than when I was dating in my younger years.  I guess you are just older and smarter.  AND I will admit, I am head over heels in love and if you know me that is kind of new and even harder for me to admit but there you have it....

It also brings me to the real reason I blog... training...  I have a marathon next week.  I originally was training for the black and blue and felt like I was in some of the best race shape I had ever been in and then I went out of town and missed the race.  I did not want to leave all this training to naught so I took a couple of weeks off, backed down my training and then begin to train for the Baton Rouge Marathon.  I figured if I was going to do a marathon, I may as well try to BQ so BQ bound I will be next weekend.  Sometimes I look at my training and think this will be a piece of cake, other times not so much.  I have got in a bunch of really good training and some nice long training runs but I have missed quite a few.  Last week was my peak week and we all know what I spent doing that week... playing in Colorado.  My long run which should have been 22 miles consisted of 6 miles with repeats followed by 5 miles of snow shoeing.  I kind of thought at almost 10,000 feet altitude that surely evened out, right??

Well as I like to say the hay is in the barn, nothing I could do right now will make a difference.  I had hoped to run 20 this past weekend but it was cold and rainy and I was wimpy.  So I did the trail half marathon instead.  It was wet and sloppy and I held about an 8:10 pace and felt good and it felt easy.  Surely if I can hold that - I can hold an 8:30 pace for 26.2 miles, right?  Well, we all know even in the best of circumstance, lots can happen in a marathon.  3 hours plus is a long time and good, bad, and both can occur during that time.  I am hoping for all good.

Either way, I would not change a thing. A while ago I decided to not be so obsessive about my training and I have really worked on it.  Sure, I did get up one morning at 4:00 to run 20 miles  because I knew I was going to be out of town but for the most part, I just do what I can do.  As I have often been told " you are not getting paid for this"  Even though I have won a couple hundred bucks, a few gift cards, and some sweet bling over the years, I have to remind myself to just do what you can do often.

Next Friday, I am off to Baton Rouge... dreaming of great times with friends and BQ!!

Happy Running......

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