Sunday, March 2, 2014

My turn.....

So I originally developed a blog to give training and race reports. Over time, I have used it to express my thoughts and feelings on various topics. I enjoy it and I like that it gives me a voice.  Today I am going to use that voice.

If you didn't know I am a pretty self confident person. I don't ever feel like I have to explain my actions or thoughts to anyone. Although I may seem in the clouds lots of times, I really am not and on important decisions I spend a lot of time thinking them through. As a adult, I have been through many situations that have made me the person I am. I will never feel like I owe an explanation for anything I do BUT one thing I do not like is people who know nothing about a situation making judgement on what they think is going on

So for the past few months, I have been the topic of conservation by many. Mostly behind my back and to each other. Let's start with the first round of gossip that gave so many people to talk about.
Stewart and I.  No, we haven't had this on going relationship full of sex and escapades for as long as all of you would like to believe. I know it is much more fun to think I was cheating on Chuk but that is not the case. What we did have was a great friendship that spans back about 4 years, yep we have gone to happy hours, sporting events, parties, et.  We have taken the kids to the zoo, movies, skating, you name it. We did talk to each other a lot and on the phone but all as friends and that is what makes what we have now oh so great!!!  Yes, chuk and I broke up in August and he lived with me for a while. Because I am not 10, you may have seen us interact and talk to each other and yes I did start dating Stewart while he was still living in my house. Cheating, no. Sorry to disappoint you

So last week, I had a person, definitely not a friend even though she referred to me as one make cryptic Facebook posts about me and getting other friends all fired up.

She referred to me dumping my puppies at a shelter because they didn't fit my new lifestyle. You are right, Amanda they did not. After chuk left, I realized no one was home with the dogs ever!!  On a good day we leave the house before 7 and am home by 6. When home, we say hi to the puppies and then all run upstairs where they are not allowed. It broke my heart to see how alone they were feeling. It was evident by the things they began to chew.  Secondly, I love how she said Stewart wouldn't allow it. She doesn't even know him. Grow up!!!  Yep, he is not a dog person but he is a Leslie person and would never make me do something I didn't want to do. We spent a lot if time talking about the situation   About caring for these dogs that we now have 4 kids to take to various events, we no longer live 5 mins. Where we can run home between school and various activities. We talked a lot and felt like we made the right decision. The dogs were neglected and this was evident how they soaked up attention when we were there. I cried, Stewart cried, Morgan cried. Thanks to all of you making judgements and sending me nasty texts to make the situation easier.

As for dumping the dogs, I didn't dump them anywhere. I took them to a great lady who was recommended by Angie. If she recommends it, I trust it. Since then I have seen pictures and they are happy

Sorry to all of those who choose to believe that I am a horrible person. All my decisions were made in the best interest. I also have human children and human needs that have to be taken care of first

I hope someone else has a life event soon so you can talk about them and get your fix. Just remember things are not as always as they seem

And yep if you think I sound bitter then I am but in the meantime I will just continue to bask in my new found happiness.  It has been a long time coming

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