Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Life is Good!!!

Life is good - insanely busy but very good!

Sometimes I have a hard time coming to turns with how good it is and keep waiting for something bad to happen.  I am not sure if it is allowed for things to be almost perfect.  Someone who was trying to be mean told me one day that Karma was coming back to me.  Well I must have done some really good things because this Karma is great!! I do have those frazzled, stressed work days at least once or twice a week to keep me in check and to bring my heads out of the clouds.

On work life - crazy crazy busy.  Managing about 9 lower school teams and coaches, coaching middle school and varsity track, and teaching.  Just know that a day never goes by when I am wondering what to do next or am sitting around counting the hours.  Each day flies by and I constantly feel I need more time!  I had to cancel a hair appointment last night due to I just couldn't get away and I have three kids ask me why my hair is turning brown and they do not like it.  Next Tuesday can not get here soon enough.  But as stressed as I get, I know I perform well like this and would be crazy nuts if the day moved at any slower pace.

On the training front - after being TYPE A for so so many years.  I have finally relaxed and relaxed big time.  No longer do I want to be out training every morning bright and early.  My Saturdays are the days that I want to just hang out with Stewart all morning and not rush off somewhere.  Thus my legs really haven't been on a bike and I do have races planned but I don't really care.  I am just doing what I can do when I want to and it is great!  I do have a debut ride planned for this Sat. and I will most likely get dropped but as long as I get back to the car all is good.  I have been swimming some and helping Stewart and it is great.  I think by me stressing to him the right technique - I am focused more on mine and doing the right thing.  I am still slow as molasses but some things will never change. Also since I have let it go, I really enjoy swimming

Running has been well and I have started adding the dreaded 400's every Tuesday.  I hate them but so glad when they are done.  I just feel like I accomplished something. AND I have yet to run them on a track so I feel like when I do get there, they are going to feel so much easier.  I am doing a 5k next week - mainly because of mimosas and bloody Mary's after the race but my goal is to hold in the mid 7's range.  Gone are the days of staring at the garmin and killing myself to see a 6:xx.  I hope to be pleasantly surprised but if not, I am out there with friends and having fun! 
I have also been giving Stewart work outs and I no longer can keep up  ( SIGH)  I guess that means I am a good coach.  All I see is his back in every 400 and on all the hill repeats, tempo etc.  I can still get him slightly on a longer distance but who knows for how much longer.

I do have some races scheduled for this summer but not expecting great results.  This may be the year I have to retire my you just got passed by a girl suit because I may not be passing anyone.  I still have plans to just retire completely and be a lifetimer when it comes to boot camp.

On the marriage and family front, I am not even going to begin to write something to describe that.  The adjectives that come to mind are Perfect and Spoiled.  Life is very good and I have to admit, we have quite the set up.  The kids have never been happier.  They are loving it.  They always have someone to entertain them, talk to, hang with.  And I could not be happier that Noah has a boy to hang with.  It does my heart good to see him playing basketball, shooting guns, riding bikes - he was definitely tired of always having girls around.  The weeks we don't have the kids are fantastic, it is like one big vacation and we still get to see the kids everyday and afternoons at school.  The weeks we have the kids are usually crazy and chaotic but I love it.  I always wanted a house full of kids and now I have it.

Life is extremely good!!!  And the countdown to summer vacay is on!!!

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