Monday, September 29, 2014

Ironman- one more round

I have to admit that I am in a little bit of shock that I just registered for ironman. I have always equated ironman with childbirth. In both instances I have said I am never doing that again and then all the bad fades and the euphoria sticks around. You begin to think it really wasn't that bad.

Not only am I shocked that I signed up but a little scared too, ok a lot scared. Can I so that again?? I had a stinking suspicion that I was going to register before heading up to chatt but I am still a little surprised that I actually pulled the trigger

I know what Ironman training details. Some times it is great and sometimes it is pure hell. Working a full time job and being mommy is a lot and then throw in a bunch of training that you have to do and you can get a little crazy. I have cried during some ironman work outs and I have thrown quite a few temper tantrums because sometimes it is just too much. Mentally too much. Your tired, hungry, hurting, sick of waking up early, etc but this is when I believe your true character shows. You can give up because things are hard or you ca push on because you have made a commitment and you will see that commitment through. Plus good things are never easy. I always feel like Ironman not only teaches me a lesson but my kids a lesson as well. I love for my kids to know that hard work reaps big rewards!  Nothing in life worth having comes easy.

I also felt like I was due to attempt a big goal. I have been floundering for a couple of years with no plan. I am ready to focus on a goal and once again see what my body can do. I also sometimes secretly love those long runs and bikes. Lots of fun times can happen on those. The swim not so much. I have already requested my Christmas present. An iPod for the water.

I also feel a little unfinished with the ironman. I am not going to say I did not try my last 2 ironmans but I also messed around and wasted a bunch of time. My first ironman Florida I was so afraid of not finishing, I took things extremely easy and also spent time waiting on friends on transition, the run etc.  I always felt like I could have had a better time so here comes Wisconsin and I had goals.  I wanted to finish in a certain time but I also wanted to have a great time. My main reason for doing the race was to race with a friend who had been very ill and almost died. He wanted to do this race. We signed up and I was going to try harder this time. Well throw in a broken bike frame and i went without a bike for weeks. As soon as I received my bike, a piece of wood went through my foot and I was was out again. Screw my goals I began to doubt if I even wanted to do this race but with help of friends, I made it to the start line. Once again I felt I enjoyed the race too much. The race was on 9/11 and I got caught up in festivities. I talked to people a lot. I ran/walked the first loop with my friend and went way slower than I would have liked. I actually negative split the marathon in an Ironman. So this year I already have a goal in my mind and I hope to see it through. I am so excited to experience all these firsts in Stewart's training and there is talk of doing the race side by side with Mr Crais   As Riley says we might as well be conjoined

The good news is I have a while before the madness starts but ready excited and scared for the challenge.

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