Monday, November 17, 2014


 Training these days has been amounting to not much .  I am really trying to take it easy and follow no schedule as I know with Boston and Ironman things are going to get pretty hectic soon.  This is what I have learned about myself and training over the years... less is definitely better and if I do too much too soon, I will get frustrated and burned out.  I have been running 3 days a week to prepare for a trail half marathon on the Fiery Gizzard trails over Thanksgiving weekend.  Super excited as I have hiked part of these trails and they are beautiful and it has been way too long since I have raced and especially on the trails which are my favorite.  I have been doing the First plan and I finally feel like I have some decent fitness.  Not for a 5k but definitely for a 10k to a half.  At least I feel that ways most days.  I can do a great tempo run and then feel like a freight train during a speed work out or vice versa.  I do like that running 12 miles seem no longer like a chore and yes I can finally run the last miles at faster than race pace.  For a while there, I was not sure if I was ever going to get that feeling back.  The long runs just seemed LOOONG and SLOOW and TRUDGING ALONG at the end. Yesterday despite the cold and rain, my 12.5 mile run was good. 

I have been mountain biking some which I love even though my bike is crap, I wreck often and I have thrown myself over the handlebars once already this season.  I continue to mess around at boot camp, lifting weights, and the occasional swim.  I was actually loving swimming and then found out if I want to keep my expensive Brazillian Blow out - I better get out of the pool.  My cheapness won out but I find myself really missing swimming.  So much so that I am trying to decide to get another one in December.  I am polling everyone  in person and I am sure a poll will pop up on Facebook soon.

I have also been going to 9 rounds... my new obsession.  I freaking love it!  I have told Stewart that this may be my last season as a triathlete and I may go into the MIA fighting ring. :)  I love it so much that even though Riley reported my booty looked a little like J-Lo and Stewart said I was looking a little thick -  I continue to go back.  I have told Stewart - please... the words girl and thick should never be used in the same sentence.

After this half, I will goof off even more which is becoming easier and easier for me to do on the training front until January/February where I begin to train for Boston and then I will began my build for tri season.  I really think I will push the start of my tri season until June even though I will miss some good early season racing.  I am just so afraid of wanting to hang up my bike and swim suit by July/August when I should be hitting my peak training.  I am actually really looking forward to Ironman training.  How easily we forget!!

I have also decided to train for Boston as I want to re qualify so all my workouts will be geared toward that pace but then on race day, ditch the garmin, run by feel  and whatever happens happens  as I am not really sure I ever want to go back. 

I have been missing my injured training partner soon and can not wait for him to get back out there.  It is really hard to get out of bed on cold mornings when I am the only one getting up.  Luckily he has started swimming, biking and yoga so running should be able to start soon.  Most of the family plans to run the cross country series this year which should be fun.  I have not done it in ages so it will be fun to mix that in.

As for the cold, I am over it!  My asthma sucks worse than in the humidity and I miss throwing on shorts and a sports bra.  Plus my old lady bones are just frigid. 

Happy running!

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