Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ironman Training and the Life of a Domestic Goddess....

Busy has become my middle name.  It seems if I do not have a bike under my butt or a bathing suit on I am playing stay at home mom extraordinaire.  I am not sure how I ever stayed a stay at home mom for all those years.  I did not go back to work until Morgan was in JK.  No wonder I was a crazy person back then.. ok crazier than I am now.  Everyday is just an endless supply of cooking, making lunches for Stewart and Noah ( who is working 9-5), laundry, cleaning up after kids, and running errands and driving kids everywhere!!  I also have thrown in multiple trips to Lausanne for meetings, coaching, teaching camp, etc.  This has not been a relaxing summer but through all the chaos I am thankful for each day.  Thankful for the family and the life I have.  Last summer, I chose to redo and paint the downstairs bathroom which was a joke and I ended up bribing the boys with cash to finish for me. An artist I am not.  This summer I have decided to get new light fixtures, redo the dining room and kitchen, and recover the kitchen chairs.  The same chairs that I bought along with a kitchen table on a bike ride.  The next week I bought an awesome antique cabinet on the ride.  The men no longer let me go in for water.  Regardless the fun never stops around here!  :)   The other day I was complaining about the geese crossing the road and how I was going to call the homeowners association and file a complaint.  They take forever to cross and there is goose crap everywhere.  Stewart has taken this as a sign that I need to get back to work.  Not yet... I have a bunch of training to fit in before everything gets insane.  I will have about 3 weeks of insane.  More than any girl should ask for.  On the training front, things are going well.  I am riding well... hung with the A boys last night.. only girl up there and tempo and runs are great.  I do feel fit.  Swim is just swim.. easier, more efficient but never faster.  SMH...  my body is doing its best to stay together.  Lots of Foot issues and IT issues which are still stemming from my antiobotic fiasco and I am finally calling Uncle and going to see Croft tomorrow before I dig myself into a hole.  Actually I am loving IM training.  Surprised?  Very.  I do get tired and I count the work outs down to rest days but all in all I am embracing it.  Loving the long rides and the neat places I have been able to ride.  I have been lucky to get some great rides in Chatt and Monteagle as of late.   I have a half in two weeks and if all continues I feel fit and have high hopes of a good race.  Fingers crossed... oops.. got to go pick little bit up from cheer.  Today I have driven to and from my house a total of 12 times.. 12!!  Maybe I do need to get back to work!!!

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  1. love the chaos and fun of your life! would love to join you for a ride sometime to catch up.