Monday, February 1, 2016

LIFE at 45....

I wish I had something great to report or blog about.  I love to write the blog because it is  like my diary and I love to go back and read it.  I had a blog previously and it had some great entries about my sweet little Zeus, Ironman, Ragbri, events etc and due to ( not sure how I want to word it) unforeseen circumstances these were wiped out, deleted, gone forever and it still really bothers me today.  I am not good on documenting or organizing so I use the blog to record memories and I use facebook to store pictures.  Stewart laughs because I can spend hours going back and just looking at pictures on facebook.  Yes!  These are my family albums and such an easy way for me to keep track of things.  So... yes that does explain why you see countless pictures from me constantly!  Only way to keep them around.

So back to the blog.  I have nothing exciting to say but want to record something as I approach my 45th birthday.  45 as a number seems really old to me, in person I feel really young despite not being able to read and remember things.  I have become that person that has to shine her flashlight on the menu and hold far away to even see it.  I did try on readers the other day and then progressed to the walker and cane just for fun.  I looked like a little old lady as I shopped around Walgreens.

40 was a big shock to me and I felt like I was pretty much doomed.  I never believed in a mid life crisis but after hitting 40, I do believe.  The feeling of anxiousness and the thought of my youth being over was crazy.  Luckily 45 does not feel like that and I have learned to appreciate every day that I have!  Yes, I would like to have a few less wrinkles on my face and maybe that twenty something year old body but those are just window dressing.  I really would not want to go back and live through all that again.  It was a great time but the memories are enough and 45 is going to be great I think.

45 is also bringing some changes... Riley is getting married and Noah is approaching his 18th birthday!  I loved those kids as babies but I have to say I really love my adult kids.  I love the conversations and the times we can spend together.  I can't believe they are getting so big so fast with little priss right on their heels.  I can not wait to go through this Wedding experience with Riley.  She knows exactly what she wants, how she wants it, and wants it all to be perfect.  I am going to just sit back and enjoy the process.  I told Stewart I was not going to offer many opinions as I know Riley wants to do it just like she wants to do it.  We sat down to dinner the other day and the first thing I said was " I hope for your wedding... " and Stewart started dying laughing because he said so much for no opinions.  But the good thing is I don't care if she takes them, I won't get upset but decided it is great food for thought.  We did find a beautiful wedding venue this weekend so Riley will have this completed like by next week.  :)

As for the training front - I am low key and bare minimum and it is awesome.  Not sure what I am racing or when.  Stewart has his whole summer planned and constantly asks are you doing this?  My honest answer is I don't know, ask me the week of?  Everything I am doing is low key and I love it.  I love working out and training but I really love not having to do something, goals to meet, or a race that I need to be training for.  The crazy thing is I am swimming the best I have ever swam.  It all of a sudden feels right and natural and I LOVE it!  I LOVE SWIMMING!  Never thought I would say that!  And I love that I put on my fins and may spend a whole set doing IM instead of actually doing the set to send coach data.

Running has been my least favorite lately and I haven't been doing much of it. I won't lie, I have been spending most of my running training sessions on the treadmill running 45 mins and watching hulu.  I can catch up on the Bachelor, American Idol, Biggest Loser, etc.  It is awesome!  I may never run outside again!!! :)  I did get in a trail run yesterday in Monteagle which about killed me but I have no REAL  ( as in training with an actual goal) races on plan so I figured the treadmill is not bad.  I do throw in some 400's and some hill repeats so it has to be all good.  I may make an appearance at the Mike Cody this weekend for some outside time!!

I am loving lifting weights and going to 9 rounds.  Both of these I could maybe do constantly!  Usually Noah does these with me and getting to spend time with him is great too.  The other day he thoroughly kicked my butt in a " rowing " race at the gym.  Could not wait for him to get to the finish so I could just quit. 

The bike is just the bike... it is one of those things I use to ride.  Sometimes it gets on the trainer.  This weekend Stewart had an easy ride on his plan and I talked him into renting the $8.00 bikes in downtown Chattanooga and we spent all day riding everywhere!  Those things are clunkers and I told him he was getting in some training.  I did have a moment of embarrassment as I walked it up a hill while wearing an Ironman jacket but hey things happen.  Rumor has it that I may do a race in about 4 weeks that involves 45 miles of biking.  That is going to be a fun experience.  I feel like I have years of bike fitness behind me - it can't be that bad..  I really want to do the race but I really don't want to train for it so It will be an adventure.

And I guess I can't end this post without mentioning Stewart.  Not sure what I did to have him end up in my life but if you believe in karma - I must have really good in my past life.  I am not sure I have every met a more moral, loving, caring guy.  I just am amazed everyday by his actions, by his willing to help people, by the way he cares about people and the way he loves people.  Sometimes I feel like I really need to get my act together. Beside he is just fun!  We spend countless hours just acting like kids and playing and he usually lets me have my way which we all know is a big plus!  :)

And the kids... they are great and fun and challenging and loud and keep us busy!  All of them have a million activities at once.  Sometimes I joke to Stewart and say all they do is eat, talk, and want to be driven somewhere but watching them become these little mini adults is so fun!!

So as I enter this 45th year, I can't wait to see what it brings and I have a feeling it is going to be a good one.

Life is good as I enter this 45th year and can't wait to experience it!!

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